A basic single pivot suspension arm helps smooth out the ride. The rear light, 3 ball, and graphics add some interest. Additional decoration includes a nominal 'One Less Car' sticker on the swingarm and an inspirational Ferrari logo discretely low on the seat post.
The modified Specialized Strongarm II triple crankset is mounted on a custom-built bottom bracket clamp. It fits anywhere on the the square section carrier tube, allowing the bike to accommodate riders of different leg length.
A pair of headlights and a simple speedometer, as seen from the pilot's seat. Also some gratuitous decoration... mostly to disguise a fairly poor paint job.
Transmission management components. Two idlers on the power side route the chain away from the frame under the seat and over the handlebars. On the return side there's virtually no tension, so a simple low-friction tube keeps the interminable chain neat and tidy.
The under seat steering mechanism, with the con rod heading off toward the left shoulder of the fork and narrowly avoiding the left crank on the way. Along with cabling and chain there's a lot going on in this area. The bike name came out well against the yellow background.
Custom-built 20" steel fork. The graphic is in recognition of an extremely able friend, whose workshop, expertise and patience made this project possible.