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Tweak List

June 22nd, 2012

I’ve done a couple of hundred km and whilst it’s been lots of fun I feel there are a few minor alterations needed. I’ll keep riding and thinking about what could be better until the weather turns crappy in the fall. By then I’ll have a (not too long?) list of tweaks, including:

  • handlebars – when relaxed (which is all the time I’m riding!) my hands naturally fall 4″ or so forward of the brake levers and shifters. I’ll trim the bars to suit my reach.
  • seat  – the glue attaching the foam to the seat isn’t very strong. The layers slowly slide over each other so that at the end of a ride the topmost one needs to be peeled off and repositioned.
  • cargo rack – I adapted an old rack to fit the space available, but it’s flimsy and doesn’t really work. A better solution is needed, including a strong but flexible connection to the back of the seat.

I’ll add any more stuff here as it comes up.

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