September 11th, 2011

Most people eventually ask how much it cost. Of course that depends on how you define it.* Here’s a list of purchases (anything else was salvaged, donated or found in the Craigslist ‘free’ section):

donor bike$35craigslist
plywood and foam for seat$35about 1/2 remaining
rod ends$24ouch
chain and cables$45all new, rather than reused
welding supplies$50
paint and supplies$35

Say around $300 total. When the budget allows I’ll replace those tires with some slicks, maybe another $70.

Approximately comparable commercial machines are available. A local dealer has Rans and Bacchetta and Sun long wheelbase models, all of which are way out of my price range. And even if I had the money, I really can’t see myself on one of these:

This project is over and I have a unique new bike. I’ve acquired some skills and confidence and had some fun. It’s intensely satisfying to start with an idea and see it through to completion. The whole thing took way too long though. I’d guess there’s around 40-60 hours of work, so it’s a little dispiriting that it’s taken me a year to finish it.

Overall I think it’s been worthwhile… but I would say that, wouldn’t I?

The big question is, what’s next?

*I’ve included as costs any materials and components and project specific consumables. I’ve ignored anything I spent on tools because I plausibly needed them anyway and they’ll get plenty more use. I didn’t even try to account for my time.

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