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Ride Report #2

October 9th, 2011

A slightly longer trip, with over an hour on the move giving me time to focus on how the bike handles and to enjoy the ride. I did 10Km up the Seymour Valley Trailway before I ran out of time and had to turn around and ride back. That 20Km plus the five or so to and from the trailhead made for a decent run.

Overall it was a similar experience to the previous ride – a treat on the flat, exciting downhill, a workout when climbing. The trail is paved but much of it was covered in wet leaves. This made me a little tentative, my top speed being just shy of 50Km/h. I spent a lot of time in the 5-10Km/h range hauling up hill (but balancing reasonably). I didn’t have to get off and walk on any of it, which pleasantly surprised me because last time the climbing was challenging. Mostly I just cruised along having a very nice time.

There’s some bob at low revs but generally everything feels fine. I’ve been thinking about how to adapt my old rack so next time I can take a pack with me. No other tweaks required.

The bike is pretty and unusual so it attracts a lot of attention. Several people asked me where I bought it and how much it cost and seemed surprised when told it’s hand made. That’s a nice feeling.

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