June 8th, 2011

After some pondering I settled on fixing the chain rub by moving the rear pivot. So I dismantled the bike, cut out the pivot tube and cut a new ‘fishmouth‘ in the main boom. I clamped the back-end in place to check the fit. All seemed well so I welded it back together.

It seems to have worked. I assembled the back end and the chain line clears the swingarm completely, even when the suspension is bottomed out. I say ‘seems’ because I’ve yet to build the complete bike and test ride it. I’m reasonably confident it’ll be OK, because the suspension will never be fully compressed: the worst that could happen is occasional chain slap.

So next steps are (1) rebuild the bike and test ride it, (2) break it down again and finally (3) prep and paint.

This is dragging a bit… I’d hoped to be done by now.

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