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User Interface

September 23rd, 2010

I haven’t had much time to work on this project lately, but that doesn’t stop me thinking about it. Since I plan to spend lots of time riding this machine my thoughts have turned to seating.

The plans describe a basic 2-piece ‘plywood-and-foam + neck rest‘ construction but there is ample scope for some creativity. I like the look of commercial seats like this:

The enormous price tag sort of violates the project principles┬╣. Of course there are many ways to build seats, and predictably others have tried it and are willing to share their experiences. After some research I’m thinking of taking some plywood and laminating my own curvy deliciousness.┬áHere’s my initial profile overlaid on a sketch of the basic seat from the plans:

Not too much deviation from the original design but adds some lumbar support and removes the need for a separate neck rest. Looks good on paper anyway.

┬╣Less of a concrete manifesto than a vague intent to reuse and construct – rather than purchase – wherever possible. The cost is time, but job satisfaction and acquisition of new skills should make it worthwhile.

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